8 December 2021

  1. India’s defence chief dies in helicopter crash: Gen Bipin Rawat, India’s first ever Chief of Defence Staff, died along with 12 others including his wife in a chopper crash in Tamil Nadu

  2. Nagaland survivor disputes Home Minister statement: Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement on the Nagaland massacre of civilians by security forces claimed that the car tried to speed away, its passengers tried to flee; The survivor disputes this, says, “…they shot right at us, no signal to stop, we did not flee…”

  3. Violence against women: When asked if husbands are justified in hitting their wives, 83% men in Telangana, AP and 81% men in Karnataka said yes

  4. Electric mobility: Hyundai Motor India will invest ₹4,000 crore to launch six electric vehicles (EV) by 2028; targeting sales of nearly 2 lakh such vehicles per year

  5. Farmer protests in Bihar over fertilizers: Farmers from villages in Bihar’s Koshi-Seemanchal, Shahabad regions and south districts have been protesting the acute shortage of diammonium phosphate (DAP), a fertiliser essential for sowing of rabi crops

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