19 July 2021

  1. Pegasus Snoop Gate: A major scandal breaks out over the surveillance of journalists, politicians and others; such surveillance has largely been conducted using the Pegasus spyware programmes developed by Israel and exclusively sold only to government agencies to fight terrorism

  2. Pegasus Snoop Gate: Journalists from major papers including Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Indian Express, News18, India Today, The Wire and Pioneer targeted; many of these journalists have been targeted after their work on scrutinizing the government, which is their job — and something that makes democracies stronger; “…it compromises a journalist’s ability to report on matters of grave national importance…”, says former defence journalist whose phone had traces of Pegasus

  3. Pegasus Snoop Gate: Ashwini Vaishnaw, IT Minister, claims that this story was malicious planted on a “web portal”, referring to The Wire, ignoring the fact that this story was brought out by an international consortium of media companies from four continents including Le Monde (France), the Washington Post (U.S.), Haaretz (Israel), Dei Zeit (Germany), and many others; minister says that there’s “no factual basis to suggest use of Pegasus amounts to surveillance”, even though this is exactly what it does

  4. Pegasus Snoop Gate: opposition leader Rahul Gandhi targeted by these surveilling groups using Pegasus; Pegasus also used on parties opposing the BJP in the West Bengal elections that just went by

  5. Pegasus Snoop Gate: Three phone numbers belonging to the Supreme Court staffer who accused former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment in April 2019 were selected as potential targets for surveillance